Farmers Markets

Why local?

Farmers Markets helps to build a sense of community in your neighborhood. They help build community relationships and allow you direct access to nutritious and delicious produce.

Freshness and Affordability. It is an affordable opportunity to eat eggplants, zucchini, and tomatoes on the day they were picked from the vine. Not only do you benefit from buying local, but you also keep local land in the hands of farmers’ who have been in your community for generations. Find out what produce is in season now.

Environmentally Friendly. The environment benefits from farmer markets. Have you ever thought how far your food has to travel before it gets to your plate? Have you ever wondered what they have to do to your food to make it last until it gets to your plate? By simply shopping at a local farmers’ market you cut down on the miles your food travels from where it is grown to your plate. The average grocery store’s produce in the United States travels 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate. All of this traveling on freighters, airplanes and trucks takes plenty of fossil fuels. Supporting local farmers means you’ll be using less packaging and shipping materials. It also means you’ll be supporting people who care about their land and water.

The following farmers markets are great to visit and accept food coupons from the WIC program.

Local Farmers Markets