Who We Are

Who we are

The Clermont County Board of Health was established in 1920. It was created by a state law that required every community in Ohio to be served by a board of health. After the deadly flu pandemic of 1918 that killed thousands of people across the country, health districts were set up across Ohio to protect people from disease.

Today, the Clermont County General Health District – known as Clermont County Public Health has a five-member board. Clermont County Public Health employs approximately 50 staff members divided into five divisions and is led by the Health Commissioner.

 The Administration Division is responsible for:

The Environmental Health Division protects your health by:

The Nursing Division protects your health by:

The Plumbing Division protects your health by:

The Water and Waste Division protects your health by:

Our Mission
Striving to improve Clermont County by preventing disease, promoting health, and protecting the environment.

Our Vision
Healthy People. Healthy Communities. Healthy Clermont.

Our Values
Servicewe believe in providing accessible and comprehensive services of exceptional quality.

Credibility – we believe in high standards of performance and adhering to principles

Dependability – we believe in being honest, fair and reliable in our intentions and actions

Responsibility – we believe in being accountable for our decisions and actions and taking ownership of our duties

Respect – we believe in treating everyone with the same level of compassion and respect.