Tattoo and Body Piercing Facility Approval

Ohio law requires that every business offering tattoo and/or body piercing services be approved prior to operating.  As part of the approval process, plans and specifications for the place of business must be submitted to and approved by, the local licensor of tattoo and body piercing establishments.  These plans and specifications must clearly show that sections 3730.01 to 3730.11 of the Ohio Revised Code and 3701-9-01 to 3701-9-09 of the Ohio Administrative Code can be met, and shall include the following:

If you have any questions about the above-stated requirements, or, if you need to schedule a pre-approval inspection, please contact us.

An approval will not be issued until all of the above-stated approval requirements are completed and a pre-approval inspection shows that you are in compliance with applicable rules.

Before requesting the pre-approval inspection, make certain that you are able to show written documentation that all applicable final approval inspections (including, but not limited to, building, plumbing, fire, electrical, water, wastewater, and zoning) are completed.