Staff Directory

To report a communicable disease, please call 513-735-8400

To report a public health emergency, please call 513-732-7499

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Water & Waste

David Dumford Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7219
Meranda Tripp Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7602
Rachel Moore Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7620
Paul Sanders Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7604
Martin Clock Water Quality Technician 513-732-7184
Seth Stevens Water Quality Technician 513-732-7174
Kevin McDonald Water Quality Technician 513-732-7655
Robert Wildey Director of Water & Waste 513-732-7606


Environmental Health

Scott Bradley Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7614
Shelby Simmons Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7615
Claudia Kadon Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7612
Chris Boss Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7873
Megan West Environmental Health Specialist 513-732-7651
Brian Williamson Director of Environmental Health 513-732-7630


John Mentzel Plumbing Inspector 513-732-7162
Tom Racke Director of Plumbing 513-732-7616
Andrew Jansen Plumbing Inspector 513-732-7607


Community Health Services

Linda Fultz Administrative Assistant III 513-735-8413
Hannah McFarland Medical Billing Specialist 513-735-8412
Jenn Bauer Communicable Disease Nurse 513-735-8407
Mary Ann Swing Immunization Nurse 513-735-8418
Morgan Calahan Epidemiologist 513-735-8401
Carly Lansley Epidemiologist 513-735-8408
Kevin Cooper Harm Reduction Coordinator 513-732-7853
Angela Lipps Nursing Supervisor 513-735-8402
Tara Jimison Director of Nursing 513-735-8406
Emily Roberts Public Health Associate 513-735-8405
Maalinii Vijayan Assistant Health Commissioner – Community Health Services 513-735-8400


Betty Fitzpatrick Clerk 513-732-7453
Kim Kretzer Clerk 513-732-7454
Melissa Owens Clerk 513-732-8056
Desiree Bertenshaw Clerk 513-732-7443
Rebecca Bilby Health Professional 513-732-7203
Lisa Streuer Health Professional 513-732-7457
Misty Louderback Health Professional 513-732-7452
Patty Perry Health Professional 513-732-8415
Kristi Rank Health Professional 513-732-7424
Naycalie Rodriguez Health Professional 513-735-8411
Katherine Schneider Director of WIC 513-732-7455
Amanda Sweet Breastfeeding Peer 513-735-8414
Marie Shirkey Breastfeeding Peer 513-732-7456



Keith Robinson Communications Coordinator 513-732-7717
Tyler Braasch Emergency Response Coordinator 513-732-7605
Kimmy Williams Vital Statistics Registrar 513-732-7494
Ariel Fronsoe Office Specialist 513-732-7419
Claire Kinner Office Specialist 513-732-7495
Joy Giel Office Specialist 513-732-7496
Annabelle Terrell Office Specialist 513-732-7439
Jessica Johnson Administrative Assistant 513-732-7735
Amanda Myers Operations Manager 513-732-7743
Katrina Stapleton Fiscal Officer 513-732-7601
Tim Kelly Assistant Health Commissioner – Environmental Health Services 513-732-7613
Julianne Nesbit Health Commissioner 513-732-7735