Septic System Code Enforcement

Violations that are found during initial inspections are documented on the inspection report and mailed to the homeowner. A time limit of 30 days is given to correct the violation; however, this can vary depending on the type and severity of the violation.

A follow-up inspection is conducted at the end of the time frame. If no corrections have been made a Notice of Violation is sent via Certified Mail notifying the homeowner that they have 30 days to correct the violation. Another follow up is conducted at the end of the time period. If the violation has still not been corrected, the matter is referred to the Board of Health to be declared a code violation or a nuisance.

The Board of Health sends a certified notice that the matter has been declared a nuisance or code violation. An inspection is conducted 30 days after receipt of the notice and if the matter is not corrected it is referred to the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office to take legal action against the homeowner.

Clermont County Public Health may be willing to accommodate various time frames given the seriousness of the nuisance or violation, the level of cooperation of the homeowner, the time of year, or the cost of the repair; however, this is looked at on a case by case basis with input from the field staff.