Collection Process for Operation Permit Fees

Operation Permit fees are applied to the property on which the septic system is installed.  Fees stay with the property regardless of property sales or transfers. 

Operation Permit fee invoices are mailed to the property owner one to three business days after the inspection. The property owner has 30 days to pay the amount in full.

After 60 days, late fees will be applied to the property.

After 90 days, outstanding fees will be placed as a tax lien on the property, and additional late fees will apply. Tax liens must be disputed in writing within 30 days of receipt of notice of lien.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3709.091, if you file a written objection, the matter will be referred to the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office to file suit in the Court of Common Pleas for the collection of the fees. Once the County Prosecutor initiates litigation to collect the unpaid fees, the property owner will be responsible for all court costs unless the owner prevails in litigation.

Written objections must be mailed to:

Clermont County Health Commissioner

C/O Robert Wildey

Clermont County Public Health

2275 Bauer Rd. Suite 300

Batavia, OH 45103


Payments will be accepted by Clermont County Public Health at any point in the collection process; however, once the lien has been placed with the Clermont County Auditor, fees must be paid directly to the Clermont County Treasurer’s Office.

To pay operation permit fees online, click here.

To pay fees placed as a tax lien click here