Septic Systems

All household sewage treatment systems (STS) in Clermont County are part of the Clermont County Public Health’s Operation Permit Program. All onsite systems in the county are assessed as part of this program. There are more than 20,000 onsite systems in Clermont County. We inspect systems with electrical components once every 19 months. All other systems are inspected once every 38 months. Homeowners can double their routine inspection interval by maintaining their system in good working order and becoming part of the Acceptable Operation and Maintenance Program.

Public Health inspects systems in each township on a 19-month rotating schedule. Larger townships like Miami Township requires three months to complete all inspections within the township.

Some systems are assessed every 19 months rotation, while others are evaluated every 38 months. We may perform an inspection at your home and not your neighbors, even though both houses have a household sewage treatment system.

It is also possible that your neighbor’s home has not yet been entered into the active inspection schedule. Systems that aren’t scheduled yet were typically installed before the age of the computer database and the old installation records were not maintained. We use GIS to identify these missing systems.

What if my system is working?

If your system is working and the inspector doesn’t find any code violations or sewage nuisances, you will be issued an operation permit, and our office will charge an operation permit fee.

What if my system isn’t working or fails an inspection?

Systems that are not correctly working are required to be repaired or replaced. A homeowner with a failing system will be charged the operation permit fee. They will also be charged a reassessment fee for each additional visit until the system is repaired, replaced or working correctly.

Extensive repairs to a system require an alteration or replacement permit and are charged reinspection fees under the Operation Permit program.

How much are the fees?

View Clermont County Public Health’s Fee Schedule to find the amount of the assessment fee.

Public Health Inspectors drive vehicles marked with a Clermont County Public Health logo. Inspectors also have Public Health photo ID badges.