Public Health Leadership Team

Julianne Nesbit, MPH

Health Commissioner

Ms. Nesbit began her role as the health commissioner for Clermont County Public Health in 2013 after serving as an assistant health commissioner for seven years. She received her undergraduate degree in environmental management from Ball State University and her Master of Public Health from Wright State University. She began her career as a registered sanitarian and has worked in public health since 1997. Ms. Nesbit is responsible for the overall operations of Clermont County Public Health and supervises the administration, nursing, water and waste, environmental health, and plumbing divisions. She oversees 56 staff members and a nearly $4 million annual budget.

Tim Kelly, MPH

Assistant Health Commissioner – Environmental Health Services

Mr. Kelly started with Clermont County Public Health in 1995. He has an undergraduate degree in biology and received his Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Kentucky. Before becoming assistant health commissioner, he was an environmental health sanitarian and emergency response coordinator. In March 2013, Mr. Kelly became the assistant health commissioner. His responsibilities include fiscal management, personnel, public health emergency preparedness, and accreditation coordinator. 

Maalinii Vijayan, MPH
Assistant Health Commissioner – Community Health Services

Ms. Vijayan began her public health career in India in 2008 as a public health dentist, focusing on population health in a non-clinical setting. After earning her Master of Public Health degree from Wright State University in 2014, she started her career with Clermont County Public Health. Ms. Vijayan became assistant health commissioner in November 2021. She oversees the Nursing Division, WIC program, Injury Prevention Program, and the Harm Reduction Program. Her previous roles in the organization include sanitarian, emergency response coordinator, and director of environmental health.

Dr. James Kaya – Medical Director

Tara Jimison – Director of Nursing

Linda Fultz –  Administrative Assistant

Angela Lipps – Nurse Supervisor

Amanda Myers – Operations Manager

Katherine Schneider – Director of WIC

Robert Wildey – Director of Water and Waste

Brian Williamson – Director of Environmental Health