Breastfeeding Success Stories: Premature/Hospitalized Infant

Tiffany, Williamsburg
My daughter caught RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] at two months old. She could barely nurse during that time. It was very difficult to continue nursing her through that time, but it was also very important to me. Breastfeeding her meant helping her body fight off the illness by giving her antibodies. Remember, if your baby can’t nurse and you are in the hospital, they can provide you with everything you need to pump so you keep your milk production up.

Natasha, Batavia
My son was born with heart and lung problems. He was born 6-1/2 weeks early. The staff at Children’s helped him to latch on and made sure he had his own spot for his milk to be stored. We were separated for two and a half weeks. I continued to nurse him for 14 months and I love the bonding and that it was a way to feed him without having to buy formula.