Water Service Lines

Water service line inspection, continues to increase as new subdivisions and water main extensions are developed in the Clermont County Water System. Water services may be installed by contractors or homeowners. Water service line permits may be obtained at Clermont Permit Central Building located at 2275 Bauer Rd.

The following criteria must be met for approval.

*Pressure must be reduced to less than 80 psi per Ohio Plumbing Code by using a pressure reducing valve (PRV). The valve must be installed inside the dwelling after the main shut-off and backflow preventer. If you are in an extremely high-pressure area (150 psi or greater) it is highly recommended you reduce pressure in two stages by installing a PRV in a separate pit just outside the meter pit and reducing the pressure from the main to the second PRV inside the building. This will help protect the waterline and the valve from failing prematurely and provide a stabilized final pressure allowing more accurate performance of the device. Property owners should also select water service materials that are sufficiently rated to withstand the static pressures of the public main.

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