Places and Spaces

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  1. Batavia Township Community Park
    Description: 75-acre park with a 1 mile paved walking trail, nature trails, 3/4 acre fishing pond, picnic areas, and playground.  Located at 1535 Clough Pike, surrounding the Batavia Township Community Center in Batavia.
  2. Bethel-Tate Community Walk/Bike Path
    Description: 1.25-mile walk and bike trail adjacent to Burke Park in Bethel. Located between State Route 232 & Burke Park on Bethel Elementary and Middle School property.
  3. Burke Park
    Description: Park offering playground, skateboard pad, picnic areas, and tennis courts.  Located off SR 125 on South Ash Street in the Village of Bethel.
  4. Carriage Way Park
    Description: 5.9-acre park with playground, walking trail and picnic areas.  Located between Riverside Drive and High Street in Milford.
  5. Cincinnati Nature Center – Long Branch Farm and Trails
    Description: 582-acre park with 4 miles of hiking trails.  Membership is required.  Located at 6926 Gaynor Road in Goshen.
  6. Cincinnati Nature Center – Rowe Woods
    Description:  1,025-acre park with 18 miles of hiking trails.  Membership is required.  Located at 4949 Tealtown Road in Union Township.
  7. Clepper Park
    Description: 50-acre park with basketball court, walking track, fishing pond, football field, soccer fields, baseball fields, and playground.  Located at 4722 Summerside Road in Union Township.
  8. Clermont County Fair Grounds
    Description: paved roadways open to the public for walking.  Located at 1000 Locust Street in the Village of Owensville.
  9. Clermont County YMCA
    Description: fully-equipped health and fitness center with exercise equipment, pools, gymnasium, running track, and fitness classes.  Membership is required.  The YMCA offers sliding scale fees and scholarships for low-income families.  Located at 2075 James E. Sauls Sr. Drive in Batavia.
  10. Clertoma Park
    Description: 1-acre park with playground, basketball court, picnic areas and walking trail.  Located at Garfield Avenue and Powhatton Drive in the City of Milford.
  11. Crooked Run Nature Preserve/Chilo Lock #34 Park
    Description: 77-acre nature preserve with 1 mile of hiking trails along the Ohio River with a backwater estuary, meadow, and small pond.  The preserve is accessed from Chilo Lock 34 Park.  The park includes a 1.5-acre wetland, playground, boat ramp and scenic river walk.  Located at 521 County Park Road off of US Route 52, east of Chilo.
  12. East Fork State Park
    Description: 10,000-acre park with a 2,600-acre lake offering boating, fishing, camping, hunting, swimming, hiking, backpacking and biking.  North entrance (camping, boat ramps and horseback riding bridle trails) is on Old State Route 32 just east of Half Acre Road in Afton. South entrance (swimming, hiking, and biking) is on Bantam Road off State Route 125, 11 miles east of Interstate 275.
  13. East Loveland Nature Preserve
    Description: 16-acre park with hiking trails.  Located in the 300 block of East Loveland Avenue in the Village of Loveland.
  14. Eastgate Mall
    Description: walk indoors 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Monday – Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday. Located at 4601 Eastgate Boulevard in Union Township.
  15. Fair Oak Park
    Description: park with walking trail, picnic area, playground, and baseball field.  Located on Fair Oak Road in Monroe Township.
  16. Farmer Barger Memorial Walking Trail
    Description: park with walking trail and picnic areas.  Located at 2003 Main St. in the Village of Felicity.
  17. Forest Park
    Description: park with basketball court and playground.  Located at the corner of Hamilton Street and Augusta Street in the Village of New Richmond.
  18. Garfield Park
    Description: 9.5-acre park with picnic areas.  Located on Garfield Avenue in the City of Milford.
  19. Gauche Park
    Description: park with playground, picnic areas and walking trail.  Located at 410 South Broadway Street in the Village of Owensville.
  20. George McMurchy Park
    Description:  park with playground and basketball court.  Also known as Plum Street Park.  Located between Front Street and Willow Street in the Village of New Richmond.
  21. Groh Park
    Description: 5-acre park with a picnic shelter, basketball court, and walking trail.  Located at 3390 Huntsman Trace in Amelia.
  22. Harmony Hill
    Description: Harmony Hill is the terminus for the Williamsburg-Batavia Hike/Bike Trail as well as a historical museum located on the homestead of Maj. Gen. William Lytle at 299 South Third Street in Williamsburg Village.
  23. Hartman Log Cabin
    Descritpion: 5-acre park with picnic areas and a short walking trail.  Located at 5272 Aber Road in Jackson Township.
  24. Jessie Moonlight Hausserman Park
    Description: park overlooking the Ohio River with walking access to the river.  Located at 201 Front Street in the Village of New Richmond.
  25. Jim Terrell Park
    Description: 27.3-acre park with picnic areas, campsite and canoe access.  Located at Longworth Street and Ferry Street in the City of Milford.
  26. Kathryn Stagge-Marr Community Park
    Description: 82-acre park with a nature walk, stocked fishing pond, 18 hole disc golf course, picnic areas and playground.  Located at 6662 Goshen Road in Goshen.
  27. Kelley Nature Preserve
    Description: 42-acre nature preserve on the banks of the Little Miami River with 2 miles of walking trails and river views.  Located at 297 State Route 126 in Miami Township.
  28. Lake Isabella
    Description: 77-acre park with a 28-acre fishing lake, picnic areas and canoe access to the Little Miami River.  Located at 10174 Loveland-Madeira Road in Loveland.
  29. Little Miami State Park/Bike Trail
    Description: this state park is part of a larger scenic trail system commonly referred to as the Little Miami Bike Trail.  A 50-mile paved bike trail runs along the Little Miami Scenic River from Hedges Road just south of Xenia to Avoca Park in Hamilton County.   Trail offers bicycling, hiking, jogging, rollerblading and horseback riding. Parking and staging areas can be found in  Xenia, Spring Valley, Corwin, Morrow, Loveland, and Milford. Five public river accesses offer parking and easy canoe, kayak,  and fishing access to the river.  Picnic areas are available in city parks in Morrow and Loveland.
  30. Marathon Community Park
    Description: park with walking and bike trail, playground, basketball court and picnic areas. Located at 5462 Marathon Edenton Road in Jackson Township’s  Marathon.
  31. Miami Meadows Park
    Description: park with basketball courts, skate park, dog park, baseball,  soccer and football fields, playground, walking trails, and fishing pond.  Located at 1546 State Route 131 in Miami Township.
  32. Miami Riverview Park
    Description: park with basketball and tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, and playground.  Located at 587 Branch Hill-Loveland Road in Miami Township.
  33. Miami Township Civic Center
    Description: community center offering several programs for children and adults such as Tae Kwon Do, tumbling and dance. Located at 6101 Meijer Drive in Miami Township.
  34. Miami Township Community Park
    Description: park with tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, walking trails and playground.  Located at 5951 Buckwheat Road in Miami Township.
  35. Monroe Township Park
    Description: 10-acre park with walking trail and playground.  Located off of State Route 222 in Monroe Township.
  36. Mt. Carmel Park
    Description: 1.5-acre park with playground and picnic areas.  Located on Ravenwood Court in Union Township’s Mt. Carmel.
  37. Neville Community Park
    Description: park with playground, basketball court, picnic area and baseball field.  Located at the corner of Forest Street and Coffee Street in the Village of Neville.
  38. New Richmond Skate Park
    Description: 1,000 square yards of paved skating area, wedge boxes, jump combo, quarter pipes, spine and grind rails.  Located at the intersection of Race and Willow Street in New Richmond.
  39. Nisbet Park
    Description:  park with picnic areas and access to the Loveland Bike Trail.  Located at 233 Railroad Avenue in Loveland.
  40. O’Bannon Creek Nature Trail
    Description: scenic walking trail along O’Bannon Creek on the grounds of Goshen High School.  Located at 6707 Goshen Road in Goshen.
  41. Ohio Township Park
    Description:   park with walking trail, playground and tennis courts.  Located at 2880 Mt. Pisgah Road in Ohio Township.
  42. Pattison Park
    Description: park with gazebo, fishing pond, picnic areas, walking trails and playground.  Located one mile west of Owensville at 2228 US Route 50 in Stonelick Township.
  43. Paxton Ramsey Park
    Description: park with basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, playground and walking trails.  Located at 6265 Price Road in Miami Township.
  44. Pierce Township Park
    Description: park with walking trails, playground, picnic areas, baseball and soccer fields and basketball and tennis courts.  Located at  961 Locust Corner Road in Pierce Township.
  45. Pierce Township Park and Nature Trail
    Description: park with natural walking trails, wildlife viewing areas, and picnic areas.  Located at 871 Locust Corner Road in Pierce Township.
  46. Riverfront Park
    Description:  park with a river view and walking trail.  Also known as Memorial Park.  Located at 222 Second Street in the Village of  Moscow.
  47. Riverside I Park
    Description: 3.6-acre park with basketball court and walking trail.  Located on Water Street in the City of Milford.
  48. Riverside II Park
    Description:  4.3-acre park with a baseball field, picnic areas, and walking trail.  Located on Water Street in the City of Milford.
  49. Rivervalley Community Center
    Description: community center, also known as Moscow Community Center, with a gymnasium open to public at request, skate park, baseball field, soccer field and picnic areas. Located at 30 Wells Street in the Village of Moscow.  Call (513)553-4200 information.
  50. River View Park
    Description: park with 0.25-mile walking trail and picnic areas.  Located along US Route 52 between Coffee Street and Washington Street in the Village of Neville.
  51. SEM Villa Park
    Description: 4.7-acre park with a baseball field, picnic areas, tennis court, handball court, and walking trail.  Located on South Milford Road in the City of Milford.
  52. Shor Park
    Description: 53-acre park with hiking trails and nature preserve.  Located at 4659 Tealtown Rd. in Milford.
  53. Spencer Shank Memorial Park
    Description: 20-acre park with walking trails, disc golf course, and playground.  Located at 70 Robin Way in Amelia.
  54. Stonelick State Park
    Description: 1,250-acre park with a 200-acre lake offering boating, fishing, swimming, camping and more than seven miles of hiking trails.  Located off State Route 727 at 2895 Lake Drive in Wayne Township.
  55. Sycamore Park/Wilson Nature Preserve
    Description:  158-acre park with playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, climbing boulders, and over five miles of walking trails.  Nature preserve includes 3 miles of hiking trails along the East Fork of the Little Miami River and a 25-acre island.  Located at 4082 State Route 132 in Batavia Township.
  56. U. S. Grant Memorial Park
    Description: park overlooking the Ohio River with picnic areas and walking access to the Ohio River.  Located on US Route 52 in Monroe Township’s Point Pleasant.
  57. Union Square Park
    Description:  3.6-acre park with walking trail and playground.  Located at 509 Caroline Street in the Village of New Richmond.
  58. Union Township Civic Center
    Description: community center with gymnasium open to the public at request.  Located at 4350 Aicholtz Road in Union Township.
  59. Valley View
    Description:  Nature preserve also known as “The Bottoms” with hiking trails.  Located adjacent to Pattison Elementary School in the City of Milford.
  60. Veterans Memorial Park
    Description: park with playground, fitness activity area, walking trail, basketball and tennis courts, soccer field, and sand volleyball.  Located at the corner of Clough Pike and Glen Este-Withamsville Road in Union Township.
  61. Washington Township Boat Ramp
    Description: boat ramp to the Ohio River.  Located on Morgan Street in the Village of Neville.
  62. Washington Township Park
    Description:  186-acre park with playground, walking trail, fishing pond, soccer fields, picnic areas and basketball court.  Located at 2238 State Route 756 in Washington Township.
  63. Williamsburg Community Park
    Description: 35-acre park with walking trail, picnic areas, playground, basketball court and disc golf course. Located at 150 East Main Street in the Village of Williamsburg.
  64. Williamsburg-Batavia Hike/Bike Trail
    Description: partially shared roadway paved hike/bike trail begins at the Williamsburg Community Park to South Broadway to Cain Run Creek in East Fork State Park. Work continues to connect the trail to the Village of Batavia.
  65. Willow Park
    Description: park with playground.  Located on Broadway Street in the Village of Moscow.
  66. Woodland Mound Park
    Description: 1,004-acre park with a frisbee golf course, nature trails, picnic areas, playground, playfields and water park.  Located at 8250 Old Kellogg Road in Anderson Township, just outside  Pierce Township.