Fatality Reviews

Fatality review boards are comprised of community leaders from many different disciplines. They aim to study the causes of fatalities and create strategies to prevent them.

Clermont County Public Health leads three fatality reviews annually and publishes annual reports.

The Child Fatality Review Board reviews the deaths of each child under the age of 18. The mission of the Child Fatality Review Board is to reduce the incidence of preventable child deaths in Clermont County. Through reviewing the child deaths, the board identifies the deaths that could have been prevented and creates solutions to prevent the next death from happening under the same circumstances. 

The Overdose Fatality Review studies deaths related to drug overdoses or opioid-related deaths. The review contains data points and a summary of each of the deaths that occurred in the previous calendar year. The review committee works with the Clermont Addiction and Recovery Partnership to identify strategies to reduce overdose deaths in Clermont County.

The Suicide Fatality Review Committee meets annually to review data from all deaths by suicide in Clermont County. The data collected is used by the Clermont County Suicide Prevention Coalition to help create strategies to reduce the number of suicides in the county. 


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