Continuous Quality Improvement

In 2011 Clermont County Public Health started its Quality Improvement program to increase efficiency in its work. In 2014 our staff members were trained and began selecting projects for improvement.

Since then, CCPH has created a team to look at ways of improving projects, policies, and systems. These projects help us stay focused on our mission of “striving to improve Clermont County by preventing disease, promoting health, and protecting the environment”.

Each project follows the same four-step plan, do, check, act, model.

Plan –
Recognize an opportunity for improvement and plan a change.
Do – Test the change. Carry out a small-scale study.
Check – Review and analyze the test. Identify what you’ve learned.
Act – Take action on your check. Adjust or modify your plan if needed to make it better. If changes or improvements are made to your plan, complete the cycle again.

Each year a few projects will be chosen as we continuously aim to improve. In 2016, our staff challenged themselves and completed six different CQI projects.

2017 Continuous Quality Improvement Projects
2016 Continuous Quality Improvement Projects
Quality Improvement Plan