Unsanitary Living Conditions

An unsanitary living condition may exist if one of the following conditions is met:

    • The living conditions inside a home put the health of the occupants at risk.
    • The conditions inside a home endanger the well-being of a community.
    • Foul odors from a house can be detected from neighboring properties.
    • Odors from an apartment unit can be detected outside the apartment.
    • An excessive amount of garbage, animal or human feces, extreme filth, or an infestation of rodents or other pests.

A home may be dirty or untidy but may not be considered a health nuisance. Dirty or stained carpet, clothing on the floor, a small amount of animal feces, dirty dishes in the sink, and/or a dirty refrigerator may not necessarily create a health nuisance. Odors inside a home that cannot be detected outside the home are not a health nuisance.

If a home has unsanitary living conditions and children live there, you should also contact Children’s Protective Services.