Unsanitary Living Conditions

Unsanitary living conditions exist if the conditions inside of a dwelling are such that the health of the occupants or the well-being of the community is endangered. If foul odors from a house can be detected on neighboring properties, or if foul odors from an apartment unit can be detected outside of the apartment, then unsanitary living conditions may be present. An excessive accumulation of garbage, excessive animal feces, the inappropriate presence of human feces, excessive filth, and/or an infestation of vermin in the home may also indicate unsanitary living conditions.

A home may be dirty, or very untidy, but would not necessarily rise to the level of a health nuisance. Dirty or stained carpet, clothing on the floor, a small amount of animal feces, dirty dishes in the sink, and/or a dirty refrigerator may not necessarily create a health nuisance. Odors inside of a home which cannot be detected outside the home are not a health nuisance issue.

If children are present in a home in which unsanitary living conditions are thought to be present, then Children’s Protective Services should also be contacted.

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