Illegal Dumping Complaints

“Illegal dumping”, also termed “open dumping” has occurred when solid waste not generated on the premises has been deposited on the surface of the ground or in a body of water at a property not licensed as a solid waste facility. Waste generated on the premises of a single family residence and disposed of on the premises where generated is not considered illegal dumping. However, such disposal may be in violation of the Public Health Nuisance Regulation if it is creating a health nuisance and may be investigated as a garbage complaint. The temporary storage of solid waste on a property where the waste was generated, prior to collection for disposal or transfer, is not open dumping.

No person may conduct, permit, or allow open dumping. The owner of a property on which open dumping has occurred is responsible for properly disposing of solid waste from open dumping regardless of who deposited the waste.

The open dumping of solid waste is a violation of the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3745.03, as well as the County’s public health nuisance regulation. Violations of the open dumping rules can result in substantial penalties.

See the Ohio EPA for more information.