Air Pollution

Clermont County Public Health typically receives complaints about outdoor pollution generated by such sources as industrial emissions, and open burning. Industrial emissions are regulated by the Ohio EPA and are monitored by the Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services (HCDOES).  The open burning of solid waste is regulated by the Ohio EPA and is prohibited under most circumstances, but some exceptions are allowed:

Within a restricted area (city limits) with prior notification:

In restricted and unrestricted areas without prior notification:

Outside a restricted area without prior notification:

Outside a restricted area with prior notification:

Outside a restricted area with written permission:

Restricted Areas Include:

Materials such as tires, plastics, garbage, and dead animals may not be burned anywhere in the state of Ohio except at a licensed solid waste disposal facility.  Waste may not be hauled to another site and burned.  No open burning can take place within 1,000 feet of an inhabited building located on the property where the fire is set.  Fires cannot create a visibility hazard on roadways, railroad tracks, or air fields.

There are alternatives to open burning.  Leaves, grass clippings, tree trimmings, and other yard wastes can be brought to composting facilities in the county.  Other types of solid waste such as paper and plastics can be recycled.  Visit the Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality for information about recycling.

Air pollution complaints received by Clermont County Public Health are usually referred to the HCDOES.  Contact the HCDOES 24 hour hotline at (513)946-7777 or at the HCDOES website to file an air pollution complaint, to obtain an open burning permit, and for more information about open burning.  Additional information is also available at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.