We rely on citizen participation to protect our community by preventing and eliminating health hazards. Here’s a simple guide to our nuisance complaint process:

Determine if the nuisance is health-related

Check if the condition poses a threat to public health. While an issue may bother you, it may not qualify as a public health nuisance. Visit our Public Health Nuisance Regulations to see if it is considered a public health nuisance. 

Address concerns with the responsible party
Attempt to resolve the problem directly by discussing it with the person or entity causing the nuisance. If these efforts fail, you may proceed with filing a complaint.

To file a complaint
Submit it online or in writing – phone complaints are only accepted in emergencies (e.g., total loss of heat during freezing weather).

Complete the complaint form with property directions and detailed information about the nuisance.

Provide your signature, address, and daytime phone number for further communication.

Signed complaints receive priority. We will investigate anonymous complaints as time allows.

Complaints are usually handled in the order received, with a typical turnaround time of one to two weeks.

Investigation Process
After we receive a complaint, an environmental health specialist (health inspector) will inspect the property or facility. Unannounced inspections are preferred to assess the conditions accurately. We may need the person making the complaint to be present for housing complaints so we can access the home.

*Public health officials have the legal authority to inspect the property, even if it’s posted against entry.

The environmental health specialist will evaluate the complaint based on their observations and additional information provided. Hearsay is not evidence, but the inspector will consider all relevant information.

If we determine a complaint is valid, we will share the findings with the person making the complaint unless it’s an anonymous complaint or no contact information was provided.

Invalid Complaints
If no public health nuisance or regulations violations are found, we will mark the complaint invalid and close the complaint.

Valid Complaints
If we identify a public health nuisance or violations, we will take appropriate action to address the issue.

Correcting Violations
We will send the property owner a Notice of Violation if the complaint is valid. This Notice requires the property owner to fix the problem within a specific time frame, depending on the type of nuisance.

Once we send the Notice, we’ll check the property after the deadline to fix the issue. If the problem is fixed, the case will be closed and made public.

If the problem isn’t fixed by the deadline and the property owner isn’t cooperative, we may refer the complaint to the Board of Health. The Board of Health will review all cases referred to it and may declare a public health nuisance.

If the property owner remains uncooperative after the Board of Health declares a public health nuisance, the case may be referred to the Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney for legal action.