Community Health Improvement Plan


In 2016, an additional priority area was added, Access to Care.

Clermont County Public Health and its many partners, including the Clermont Mental Health and Recovery Board, the Coroner’s Office, law enforcement agencies, Mercy Health, and the Clermont Family YMCA, began work on the plan in 2012 when the group devised a Community Health Assessment using a Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships framework developed by the National Association for City and County Health Officials.

Beginning in the spring of 2014, a series of town halls and public forums were held across Clermont County to gather additional input from the public on these issues, said Julianne Nesbit, Public Health Commissioner. “We wanted to make sure that these issues were ones that the public thought needed to be prioritized,” said Nesbit.

The CHIP sets specific goals, strategies and activities to decrease the baseline numbers in each of these categories, said Nesbit.

For example, in the obesity category (over  63% of county adults are overweight or obese), the plan calls for a decrease of 5% in the number of adults and children who do not engage in any physical activity, by August 2019. The plan lays out a number of steps to achieve this by using parks, schools and the workplace to promote and create opportunities for exercise.

The CHIP is reviewed and updated annually with the input from our community stakeholders to ensure that progress on goals, objectives and activities are monitored and evaluated. The overall goal of the CHIP is to increase awareness of health issues impacting the community and provide education and opportunities to the public to improve their health. “With the active participation of the community and our stakeholders, we can achieve the vision stated in the CHIP to make Clermont County a thriving, vibrant, and healthy community to live, play, work, learn, and grow,” said Nesbit.

A copy of the full report and work plan can be found online.

Community Health Improvement Plan
Health Priority Area 1 : Obesity
Health Priority Area 2: Drug Addiction
Health Priority Area 3: Tobacco Use
Health Priority Area 4: Mental Health
Work Plan

2015 work plan update
2016 work plan update