Communicable Disease

Graphic showing the spread of a disease between people

Communicable disease surveillance and investigation is a vital part of protecting the health and well-being of the citizens of Clermont County. These surveillance and investigation activities are largely dependent on prompt disease reporting from many reporting sources. As required by law, physicians, hospitals, labs, and healthcare providers must report certain communicable diseases to Clermont County Public Health. Communicable disease reports received by Public Health are investigated and documented according to state guidelines. All reports received are kept confidential according to HIPAA requirements.

The communicable disease staff at Clermont County Public Health works closely with all reporting sources to obtain complete and accurate information about each disease report received so that appropriate investigative actions are taken. Data obtained through these investigations are submitted to the Ohio Department of Health via the Ohio Disease Reporting System. Disease investigation activities provide the staff with an opportunity to educate both individuals and the public on disease processes, identify resources for further information and care, and implement measures necessary to prevent the further spread of disease. Public Health communicable disease staff also work with schools, daycares, long-term care facilities and others to respond to concerns, provide information and promote the health of these specific populations.

Clermont County Public Health values the cooperation of physicians, hospitals, labs, healthcare providers and other reporting sources in our efforts to prevent disease and promote good health among the citizens of Clermont County.