Communicable Disease

Graphic showing the spread of a disease between people

Clermont County Public Health monitors and tracks infectious diseases throughout the county. Physicians, hospitals, labs, and healthcare providers must report certain diseases to their local health department. All reports we receive are kept confidential and follow HIPAA requirements.

Communicable disease surveillance and investigation can protect the community’s health by preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

A disease investigation may include calling a person who received a positive test result for a specific illness to gather information and see if anyone may have been exposed. All information collected during a disease investigation is submitted to the Ohio Department of Health using the Ohio Disease Reporting System. During a disease investigation, public health staff can educate individuals who are sick and help connect them to more information or resources for care. Public health staff can also take measures to minimize the spread of illnesses.

The disease investigation team also works closely with schools, daycare centers, and long-term care facilities to minimize the spread of an illness and protect the community’s health.