Child Fatality Review

In 2000 the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Child Fatality Review Program as a way to better understand why young children die. The law mandates that Child Fatality Review Boards be established in each county to review the deaths of all children under the age of 18 years. The review boards are comprised of community leaders from many different disciplines. The Clermont County Health Commissioner is the Chair of the Clermont County Child Fatality Review Board and leads the effort to study and prevent child deaths.

The mission of the Child Fatality Review Board is to reduce the incidence of preventable child deaths in Clermont County. This is accomplished by identifying those deaths that could have been prevented and identifying strategies that would help prevent the next such death from happening.

For more information on child deaths in Clermont County, you may review the 2016 Child Fatality Review (review of 2015 deaths). This report summarizes deaths that occurred in 2015 and compares these deaths to those in the state and to prior years in Clermont County.