Obtaining a Birth Certificate for Babies Born Outside a Birthing Facility

Whether you are planning a home birth or you unexpectedly had your baby outside the hospital there are some steps that you will need to take to file your child’s birth certificate. For children born at the hospital, this process is typically initiated and completed by hospital staff. However, when your child is born at a location other than a hospital, it is the mother’s responsibility to initiate and complete the required birth certificate information.

Upon the birth of a child, the State of Ohio allows 1 year for the birth certificate information to be filed with the local health district. Ideally, you will want to file your child’s birth certificate within 10 days of birth to avoid additional paperwork.

Please follow the steps below to file the certificate:

  1. Download and fill out the New Born Birth Certificate Packet
  2. Gather required documentation. See page 1-9 of the New Born Birth Packet
  3. Contact the Vital Statistics Registrar at (513)732-7499 to schedule an appointment to file a home birth certificate.