How to Apply for Septic System Permit for New Construction

Household Sewage Treatment System Installation Manual

Clermont County Public Health must review and approve plans prior to construction. The purpose of this review process is to:

Applicants must submit the following information to the Public Health office (we will complete the application at that time). The application cannot be initiated without all the required information. Applicants can avoid multiple visits by verifying that the required documentation is available.

  1. Three copies of the Sewage Treatment System (STS) design from a registered designer or layout plan.
  2. Two copies of a formal soil report or a soil variance if no soil credit is present.
  3. Three copies of the site plan from a licensed surveyor (no larger than 11″ x 17″ and must be to scale). The plan must show the location of the septic system and have the surveyor’s signature and seal.
  4. Property address.
  5. Water supply type.
    –¬† A Private water application must be submitted for approval when applying for a septic system.
  6. Zoning permit.
  7. Floor plan of the home on standard size paper no larger than 11″x17″. The plan must include all floors as well as the basement.
  8. Parcel Identification Number (PIN). To obtain your parcel number please visit the Clermont County Auditor’s Office.
  9. All new construction within the Tate-Monroe Water Association service area must have water main easements confirmed and drawn on the site plan. Contact Tate Monroe Water at (513)734-2236.
  10. Location of the geothermal system, if applicable.
  11. Application fee (see fee schedule).