Zip Code Data Policy

While some local health departments have released zip code data of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, Clermont County Public Health will not release the zip codes of COVID-19 patients and here’s why.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests not releasing any data on patients in populations below 20,000 people.

While there are several zip codes in Clermont County with more than 20,000 people, there are some in the rural parts of the county with fewer than 1,000 people. There are two zip codes that have fewer than 100 people living in them. Releasing the age and gender of a person who has COVID-19 and lives in a zip code or town with a population of only 100 people, would make it much easier to identify that person.

Town/Township Zip Code  Population
Chilo 45112 60
Neville 45156 100
Newtonsville 45158 400
Owensville 45160 700
Moscow 45153 1,600
*Pleasant Plain 45162 2,500
Felicity 45120 3,000
*Franklin Township 45130 4,000
New Richmond 45157 9,000
*Williamsburg 45176 9,000
*Goshen 45122 11,000
*Bethel 45106 12,000
*Union/Pierce Township 45245 18,000
*Union Township 45255 21,000
Amelia   45102 22,000
*Union Township 45244 28,000
Batavia 45103 31,000
Milford 45150 31,000
*Loveland 45140 52,000

*Zipcode encompasses more than one county

Whether someone in your neighborhood has tested positive for COVID-19 or not, our advice does not change, and your chances of getting COVID-19 does not decrease.

What will lower your chances of getting COVID-19 is staying at home, avoiding close contact with any person (other than members of your household), minimizing trips to the grocery store or public places, and washing your hands frequently.