March is National Nutrition Month

Get ready for spring by making some healthy lifestyle changes. March is National Nutrition Month® and is a perfect time to make some improvements to your overall health. This year the theme of National Nutrition Month® is “Eat Right, Bite by Bite”. The goal is to improve your nutrition with each and every bite. Practice mindful eating, make better food choices and increase your physical activity. Some suggestions that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends helping get you started include:

1. Eat a variety of healthy foods every day! Try to include foods from each food group at every meal to help get a variety of key nutrients in your diet. Shop smart by learning how to read food labels. Remember that portion sizes are important. Try to only eat what you need to fill you up and avoid overeating. Take time to enjoy your meal with family and friends. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of healthy beverages. Choose water or low-fat milk.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time! It can be helpful to create a list of the foods you need for the week before shopping. Choose what recipes you want to make. Plan ahead to make healthy food choices while at school, work and while out traveling. Read nutrition information from menus when eating out.

3. Learn how to make some new meals! Improve your cooking skills by trying new recipes and using a variety of ingredients. Share leftover food with friends and family instead of throwing it out. Make sure to wash hands while preparing food and to practice good food safety skills.

4. Meet with a registered dietitian! Meeting with a dietitian can help improve your diet, answer questions about special dietary needs and develop specific food menus that are right for you. Ask your doctor for a referral or find a dietitian in your community. Visit for more information on how to find a registered dietitian near you!

Work with your local dietitian to improve your health bite by bite! Making small changes can help you to improve your health for a lifetime. Making changes takes time and patience. Start out by setting small goals for yourself. Try to increase your physical activity level. Some tips include going on family walks together, playing music and dancing in the living room, taking the stairs when out instead of the elevator, parking further away, and riding your bike. To view parks near you, visit our Places and Spaces guide.