We want to talk to you!

Clermont County Public Health is partnering with Wright State University to conduct a Community Health Assessment Survey. The survey will be conducted over the phone and will ask participants several questions about their personal health and healthy behaviors. The results of the survey will be compiled to provide a snapshot of the health of Clermont County and its residents.

In order to get the most accurate representation of the health of Clermont County residents, we need as many people as possible to participate in the survey. So, if you’re phone rings, please take a few minutes to participate and help us improve the health of Clermont County.

When the results of the survey are finalized, they will used to update the Community Health Assessment, which was last updated in 2013. The updated Community Health Assessment will then be used to create a Community Health Improvement Plan. This plan, will be used to address the most important public health issues in Clermont County over the next five years.