Body Art Program

These rules and regulations have been established to protect public health. Body Art procedures present opportunities for the transmission of blood-borne pathogens and bacterial infections. Our role in ensuring the safety of the public is routinely conducting comprehensive inspections of approved (licensed) Body Art establishments, paying particular attention to the body art practices, sanitization and sterilization procedures, record-keeping, and overall maintenance of the establishment.

Permit Information:

In order to open a body art facility in Clermont County, approval must first be obtained from the local zoning office, and facility plans must be submitted to Clermont County Public Health and the Clermont County Building Inspections Department. Please read the ‘Guide to New Body Art Establishments’ and submit the Body Art Plan Review Application.

Time-limited/Temporary Body Art Events in Clermont County:

Time-limited/Temporary Body Art event is a tattoo or body piercing business that operates on a time-limited basis, in conjunction with a specific event. Examples of such events are fairs, biker rallies, conventions, and other gatherings. This requires a permit from Clermont County Public Health.

The requirements are the same as for a permanent body art establishment. Please note that we do require a hand sink with running water at these events. If the proposed site does not have access to a hand sink in close proximity, there are portable sinks that can be rented by companies that provide portable toilets.

Know the Facts: Clermont County Public Health encourages the public to know the risks associated with body art and ask the right questions to your body artists.

  • Ask to see a copy of the facility’s operating license issued by Clermont County Public Health. The presence of a license offers no guarantees. However, it does offer assurance that the location is routinely inspected to ensure the operator maintains their facility in a clean manner and has the correct equipment, supplies, experience, training, and record keeping to perform a safe procedure.
  • Items such as needles, ink, ink caps, disposable razors, and gloves should be used only once and discarded. The needles will already be soldered to the needle bar at the beginning of the procedure, but the customer should be able to witness the operator wash their hands, put on a new pair of gloves, and remove the needle/needle bar from the sterile packaging that has been autoclaved.
  • The facility should be clean and well lit. A stocked and operable hand sink should be available and used, and an autoclave must be used to sterilize needles, needle bars, and piercing needles.
  • After-care instructions should be provided before you leave. Be certain to follow these closely to avoid problems. Most infected tattoos and piercings are a result of improper aftercare.
  • A parent or legal guardian is required to be present when anyone under the age of 18 receives a tattoo or body piercing in the state of Ohio.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing an infected tattoo or piercing, or any other issue that suggests a body art establishment is posing a risk to public health or safety, please contact us. This will enable public health sanitarians to take necessary steps to eliminate the threat.