Public Swimming Pool Dog Swims

With the increasing popularity of end of season dog swims, often referred to as “dog days” or “drool in the pool”, we will occasionally receive telephone calls about the regulations concerning dogs swimming in public pools. The Ohio Department of Health’s recent revision to the Public Swimming Pool Regulations prohibits domestic animals unless permitted by law, at a public swimming pool or within the pool barrier during swim season. If you are planning an after season dog swim, safety precautions must be in place to protect humans from diseases that may be transmitted by dogs during the swim and to safeguard the pool facilities.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep all participants healthy and safe:

After the event, the pool and filters must be super-chlorinated to kill any harmful organisms before reopening the pool for human swimming season. Free chlorine will need to be raised to 20ppm and maintained at 20ppm for 12 hours 45 minutes (based on required contact time to kill Cryptosporidium). Clean and sanitize the pool deck and remove all fecal matter from grassy areas and dispose of properly.

Sanitize= 1 part household bleach (5.25%) per 9 parts water